SageBrush Cantina - SageBrush and Screw-up's!

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About 4 weeks ago, we had a small party and decided to order out from SageBrush Cantina in Lake Orion Mi.We ordered approx $50.00 worth of food.

We picked up the food, got it home and realized that it wasnt our order. We called Sagebrush, the "manager" said that it was a mistake, and we did in fact recieve the wrong order. She asked if we would like to have the order re-placed at another time/date, as it was later in the evening..and a long wait for more food. When i called the restaurant yesterday, i waited for 2 hours while their managers tried to call the person who was responsible for telling us our order would be re-placed.

I spoke to a women who said her name was Amanda, she apologized and said she wanted to investigate this matter further and had also asked if we would wait until the next day for our new order. I called today and the women whom i spoke to last night was in fact NOT Amanda, her name was Kathy. I don't know why i was lied to about whom i spoke to. I asked to speak to another manager/Owner.

His name is Rafe or Fefe, something like that. He was rude and was NOT willing to re-place the order. He assured me that ALL of his employee's do their jobs right and mistakes are of rarity. If they were all so top notch, i wouldn't be writing this complaint.

Hope this doesn't happen to someone else.Double check your order's before you leave that place.

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